Model Pixir

We are a software development company committed to excellence and innovation.


Looking for internal and external growth, being a tailored solution in a saturated market. Committed to our environment and supporting the goals of our collaborators.

How do we do it?

Inspiring to be an example for others, establishing quality and motivating innovation in software development.

Enhancing creativity in a constant search to positively transform our society, through care and respect for nature.

Promotion of reading

We are dedicated to cultivating our intellectual capital immersed in a tireless search to nourish and expand our minds.

Promotion of Disruption

We anticipate change, streamline processes and add value. Our team's knowledge drives creativity and proactivity, placing us at the forefront in our sector.

Help the environment Ambiente

Caring for our environment is not simply an objective, but an integral part of our organizational identity.
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